Recommended Krill Oil



Each serving of The Krill Miracle provides 1000mg of Superba krill oil, 450mg of phospholipids and 250mg of omega-3’s.

Other ingredients include omega-6, omega-9 and 110μg astaxanthin.


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Recommended Astaxanthin Source

Good Health Naturally utilizes  the worlds superior source of micro-algae, bioastin. Astaxanthin surpasses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin C and vitamin E, and is nicknamed ‘The King of Carotenoids’ because of its healing powers.

Astaxanthin is suitable for vegetarians.

It can help improve eye health, boost energy, protect the immune system and can help women to become more fertile.

Astaxanthin is also a powerful, natural UV sun-blocker, protecting from free radical radiation.

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Eskimo 3 Fish Oil

Eskimo 3 Fish Oils is an alternative to krill oil, containing a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids and high levels of DHA & EPA. GHN boasts a unique manufacturing process which preserves whole oil ingredients, which can be utilized by the body.

No fishy after taste!

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