I am Andy James, and I set up this site because of my own poor health, from a car crash that almost took my life. I had a subsequent 4 month long stay in hospital, 3 weeks of which was on life support in an induced coma to keep my alive.

Nine years ago, when this happened, I did not walk for eighteen months, I was in an enormous amount of pain and had nine major surgeries on my abdomen.

My injuries healed, after time, but I was left with bad circulation problems after suffering a DVT (dangerous blood clot) in hospital. I must now wear compression stockings on both legs for the rest of my life, to ensure full circulation of my blood.

I have also have Diabetes Insipidus, a rare form of this condition, since the age of 7. It is controlled by medication, which has a lowering effect on my bodies sodium, that can cause nausea and sickness if I take too much of it.

Although this does not happen too often these days. As you might imagine, my health was in a poor state whilst I recovered and took control of my life.

Seven years after the car crash, I was almost completely healed, but I needed one more ‘huge’ operation to remove a section of my bowel, a sigmoidectomy and other procedures, from which I now have a long, ugly scar from my rib-cage down to my groin.

This surgery again left me unable to walk for a short period, causing my circulation even more problems. My ankles went black with bruises for about 9 months until I started ‘experimenting’ with various supplements.

This is how I discovered Krill Oil. I did my due diligence and established there were no side effects to krill oil, unless you currently take other blood thinning medicine (which I do not) and don’t drink alcohol around the same time as you take it.

If you do drink alcohol when taking krill oil, it puts a strain on your liver function.

So I decided to start taking this form of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which is the most useful form, by the way. And I am really happy I did, because I haven’t looked back.

My ankles are virtually clear of all bruising, no longer do they swell like an elephant’s foot and I am not in pain now. Krill oil has also helped my weight training, by reducing the effects of muscle breakdown and helping to boost my testosterone levels.

So, I do hope you enjoy my site and discover the real benefits of krill oil has to offer, as well as one of it’s main ingredients, astaxanthin and how this helps in many areas of human well-being. And please, if you cannot find something on our site, feel free to use the Site Search feature up on the right sidebar or leave your questions on any relevant page.

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